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Andre and Chelsea Again...Handler, Not The Hotel

September 30, 2011 at 11:00 AM | by | ()

UPDATE, 10.11.11: While DNAInfo.com quoted Balazs as saying that they aren't going to turn the Cooper Square into another Standard, we are hearing the exact opposite now: The Cooper Square will be a Standard Hotel. We're furiously chasing down more leads and we promise more detes to come.

So hottie hotelier Andre Balazs had the good sense to pass on scooping up the Chelsea Hotel but there's one Chelsea he's still holding onto--our fave Jersery girl, Chelsea Handler.

The twosome were spotted in Beverly Hills this week doing the usual schmoopie thing but looking mighty good doing it.

Meanwhile, back in New York it looks like Balazs' plans for taking over the Cooper Square Hotel are going swimmingly. DNAInfo.com has a detailed report from a community liquor license meeting and it seems like most of the residents are pleased with his takeover, provided that he doesn't turn the space into another Standard.

As for changes that will be made to the hotel, Balazs said in the meeting that he will keep the hotel's restaurant Trillby but does plan on changing "the theme" of the hotel's nightlife including revamping the cuisine. We're not so sure what sort of theme will work here at Cooper Square which is still such an oddly laid-out building but we know Andre, he'll make it work.

[Photo: Daily Mail]

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