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The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix Will Sell E-Cigarettes to Guests Looking for a Fix

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  Site Where: 401 West Clarendon Avenue [map], Phoenix, AZ, United States, 85013
September 28, 2011 at 2:32 PM | by | ()

The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix is taking a novel approach to dealing with rogue smokers in their non-smoking rooms by selling them electronic cigarettes to puff on.

Owner Ben Bethel tells HotelChatter doing this will not only make the guests feel comfortable but also save him the hassle of trying to recoup the smoking fines. He says:

We're tired of charging guests $250 for smoking charges, tired of deep-cleaning guest rooms after they're smoked in, and tired of chasing after guests who are smoking in our pool area and rooftop bar.

So, we're going to start encouraging guests to use E-Cigarettes, to the point that I'm even going to sell them at the front desk.

I think this is a big issue for hotels, and could save guests a lot of hassle/frustration. Now they can smoke in the pool, on the rooftop bar, or even in their bed in their guest room.

Yes, the e-cigarettes that had us all weirded out by Camille Grammar's psychic friend in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are going to be for sale at The Clarendon Hotel.

Despite the oddness of the fake puffing, we actually think this is a genius compromise between smoking guests and hotels who have strict no-smoking policies. The smokers get their fix and the hotels get to keep their rooms fresh.

Of course, this might not appease the smokers who are not trying to kick the habit and prefer the real thing to the e-thing but if a smoker is dying for a cig in bed, maybe this will be good enough.

Bethel now plans to sell blucigs to guests for $10 each which is worth about a pack and a half of cigs. No word on what kind of e-ciggie Bethel plans to sell at his hotel but the products start around $55 for a kit.

What say you about E-Cigarettes for sale in hotels--Puff, Puff, Give or No Smoking Means No Smoking? Light it up in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

Smart move

Seriously.  My only critique is the battery life on those disposables isn't what I'd consider close to adequate for all day use.  I'm using a Blu disposable right now.  It is adequate a temporary cigarette substitute.  

Feed the drug addicts

Good to know... Im planning a trip to Phoenix in December to visit family. I'll make sure not to use this Hotel.


You actually smoke cigarettes, and it's the norm for hotels to sell cigarettes.  

Yes, nicotine is a drug like caffeine is a drug, and you'd be hard pressed to find a hotel that doesn't offer coffee to it's guests.  

This hotel owner found a happy medium.  Smoking causes an objective impact on air quality, and a measurable impact on cleaning costs.  He's well with in his rights to ban smoking, and should be commended for offering an alternative solution.  

Definitely Yes

I think what the owner did is genius. Nobody wants to die from secondhand smoke. This way, smokers get their fixed, non-smokers get clean lungs and hotel owners reduced their operation cost and have happy customers.

Love it

It is good to see more hotels doing this.  E cigs are a much more health alternative to smoking than regular cigs.