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W Hotels' Proprietary Citron Scent Can Now Be Yours, Thanks to eBay

September 27, 2011 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

So remember last year when we finally tracked down the original scent that wafts through W Hotels? You know, W Scent No. 5 which no one can buy, let alone see? Well, a tipster just let us know it's now for sale...on eBay.

Yup, if you just happen to be perusing some of the 20,000 Missoni for Target items on eBay, you can also throw in this "rare" bottle of W for just $150. Or you can place a bid for it starting at $125.

All we know about this scent is that it's a citron scent and it's what housekeeping uses once they cleaned up the room after a guest leaves. It doesn't sound that special but apparently, some folks have gone gaga over the smell like this reader.

While we're all about owning unique, one of a kind items, we're not so sure the scent of a W is worth upwards of $125. We'll just settle for the Sicilian Fig candle for 25 bucks instead.

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