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Firmdale's New iPhone App Keeps it Clean and Simple

September 27, 2011 at 1:10 PM | by | Comments (0)

If tech-savvy types are correct in their assessment that "[t]he future of mobile is the future of everything"—and what a bold statement to make—then Firmdale Hotels' business future is looking up. Jumping on the very full and happy mobile technology bandwagon, the hotel chain has just released its own iPhone Application, downloadable by clicking here.

Free of charge, the app is simple and straightforward in its functionality, offering most of the perks we've come to expect. With it, you can check room availability, confirm reservations at Firmdale locations in London and New York, flip through hotel photo galleries, and have basic information on the properties at your fingertips.

Unique to the hotel chain, however, are listings for Firmdale's Weekend Film Club, including trailers for upcoming features.

Not quite as risqué as the Mr. and Mrs. Smith app, sure, but with a certain modicum of "posh" to live up to, Firmdale is keeping it clean and on the technology front.

[Photo: Firmdale Hotels Facebook]

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