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Hotel Welcome Fruit Bowls: Love Them or Ate Them?

September 21, 2011 at 11:40 PM | by | ()

The exotic fruit welcome at The Peninsula Bangkok

Nothing says "welcome to your temporary home away from home" better than a smile at reception, a comfy bed, a stunning view and...free stuff! You know you love it—walking into a hotel room to find a few little chocolates, a bottle of wine or cookies can really turn a travel-weary frown upside-down. Still, the most basic of welcomes is the classic fruit bowl, and what we'd like to know is, are you a fruit bowl devourer, nibbler or ignorer?

Find out where you fit below:

· The devourer: You walk into your room and while the valet is still bringing up your bags, you're already halfway through a banana and lustfully eyeing the strawberries. Perhaps traveling leaves you famished, or maybe you're on a diet, or maybe you just have a thing for fruit bowls. Typically the more exotic the selection, the better; if a Dragonfruit or Longans (see the picture above for Longans) appear, that's extra points for the hotel in your mind. Even more bonus points if the fruit bowl comes with a picture dictionary of the offerings, as do the ones at Peninsula and Anantara properties.

· The nibbler: Are you allergic to some fruits, or just hate some but love others? You're a nibbler. Crunching into an apple after a day at the spa or in meetings sounds delightful, but you're leaving those messy kiwis alone. Exotic fruits? What's a "roseapple?" You might try it if you get bored, but it's not like the fruit bowl is the focus of your afternoon.

· The ignorer: Whoa—wait, hotels give free fruit bowls? Where have you been, staying at Courtyard by Marriotts? Chances are you're either too busy or too oblivious to slice a pear here and there. Of course there are also those who believe eating from the fruit bowls results in minibar charges (which is incorrect).

Which fruit bowler are you? What're your favorite fruits to grab? Do you wish more hotels offered welcome amenities like this, or will it forever remain the realm of mostly luxury hotels? Do tell in the comments!

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Archived Comments:


I like seasonal fruit like plums, and some hotels, like Claridge's in London, make it a point of having at least one seasonal fruit on the welcome plate.  Another hotel that always does this well is the Boston Harbor Hotel.  I am a nibbler - eat some, leave some.  


if there's berries, i will eat straightaway. standard fruit - i may get to it the next day.
i think i've finished a fruitbowl maybe twice in my life. they'd be the ones that don't contain oranges (least practical fruitbowl inclusion ever)

Fruit is ok but...

I don't mind a fruit bowl but I like nuts and chocolate better. Ooo but chocolate covered strawberries the most!


I get really excited when there's fresh apples in the room. Usually by the end of my stay, they'll be gone.

Other, fancier fruits, like strawberries, pineapple, melon, etc, I get a little wary of, wondering how long they've been left out, how fresh they are. But then again, if it's between mealtimes, I'll probably at least nibble.