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Josh Flagg 'Pilots' a 727 Down in Costa Rica

September 2, 2011 at 11:49 AM | by | ()

Guess the Hotel Revealed!

As we mentioned the other day, our own celebrity hotel hopper Josh Flagg has just returned from a wild adventure in Costa Rica where he found a barf bag on the nightstand in his hotel suite.

That's because he was staying inside the totally awesome 727 Fuselage Suite at Costa Verde in Costa Rica. Here's what he said of the high-flying experience:

While this is not what I would call exactly the five-star experience, it is an experience. Colton and I recently jumped at the opportunity to sleep on a 727 jet that was purchased by the Costa Verde hotel and transported over to the property.

This old jet from the times of Iran Contra is not going anywhere however, it is bolted down. The best part of the experience was that not only sleeping in the fuselage, but being able to go to the bathroom in the cockpit as the toilet and shower is now in the front of the plane.

If you want to have a kitschy fun time, I would try this, but then check out and go to the Gaia down the street after one night.. it's a little more civilized!

Still, we're totally jealous of this one night in a 727. If you're keen on staying here too, rates for the suite are just $250 a night from now through November. Do it!

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