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Radisson Blu Channels New York's 'Flair' From Brussels

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  Site Where: Rue du Fosse-aux-Loups 47 - B-1000 , Brussels, Belgium
September 20, 2011 at 8:50 AM | by | ()

What pops into your head when you think of a New York-inspired hotel room? Turquoise carpeting? A Nespresso coffee machine? Black walls? We only ask because those are the three main features that make up the newly-unveiled "New York Mansion" business class rooms at the Radisson Blu Brussels. Now, we know Brussels has the whole mood ring hotel concept down pat. But, New York? We're not so sure.

These rooms are supposedly going for "sophisticated," but we can't help feeling the design is a little all over the place. That armchair? The bedspread? The clashing headboard-wall combo? The only New York vibe we're getting from this room is its size (small).

The five-star hotel plays up its free wi-fi, Nespresso coffee machines, complimentary bathrobe and slippers, and fitness club located on top of the hotel. New York could actually learn a thing or two about the latter—if the Sanctuary had only placed a gym, rather than a bar, on its roof, its religious neighbors would never have gotten themselves so worked up.

The room's relatively large walk-in shower? We can get down with that.

But the following saccharine description leaves us feeling a little nauseous:

"The newly renovated Business Class rooms [are] defined by sophisticated strong black lines, bright highlights and finishes with flashes of chrome and stunning turquoise. Its cosmopolitan and contemporary avant-garde feel features bold attention to style and detail with a powerful use of artwork. This chic atmosphere has the feel of a unique urban flair."

It's got a flare, all right. Rates for the hotel's business class rooms start at EUR 239.

[Photo: Radisson Blue]

Archived Comments:

"stunning turquoise"

Yeah... stunning... and gut-wrenching. This room should come with a legal disclaimer: "Do not enter room immediately after eating. Turquoise might cause headache, epileptic shock and/or severe nausea." I guess if you're feeling dizzy, you can always turn off the lights and take a seat and relax in the glow-in-the-dark club chair and ottoman.

Seriously, who signed off on this stuff.