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Where to Eat Cheap When Staying at The Crosby Street Hotel

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This week's special series is for the people who feel guilty about splurging on their hotel room in NYC and are looking for ways to trim other travel costs, like eating out. Thanks to Brian Silverman, the adventurous eater at Fried Neck Bones, and author of the Frommer's New York City Travel Guide, we've got affordable alternatives to the fancy hotel restaurants downstairs. And you won't have to walk more than a few blocks. Naturally, we're calling it Cheap Eats Near Your Swank Suite. Of course, this series also works for people who like to mix fancy hotel suites with cheap eats...just because. Bon appťtit!

The daily overnight admission to a room at the Crosby Street Hotel (79 Crosby St, between Spring and Prince Streets) will most likely set you back more than $500, depending on the day and season, while a suite might cost you at least three times that. But thereís a reason those who have the means fill the vibrant hotelís rooms.

Staying in the rarefied real estate of SoHo is one; the views from the warehouse-sized windows another. The possibility of watching a movie in the hotelís own screening room might be fun while afternoon tea in the drawing room unique for SoHo, if afternoon tea is your thing.

For me, Iím particularly partial to the Crosby Street Hotelís bathrooms. Though Iíve never actually used one, just having a bidet in my bathroom might be worth a few hundred dollars a night to my bill. And all the rooms at the Crosby Street Hotel have them. The addition of heated towel racks also add to the bathroomís wonderfulness.

I could spend lots of time in that bathroom, but a manís gotta eat and thatís the dilemma. Most of my budget would be long gone for the privilege of having a bidet in my bathroom, so I need to find someplace cheap yet substantial to satisfy my hunger.

That Iím in SoHo doesnít make it easy to solve my dining dilemma, but I have the answer. To do so, you need to walk the half block to Spring Street and then, bypassing the noise emanating from Balthazar and the temptation to enter and risk blowing whatever you have left in your wallet for a drink and a few dozen oysters, you head to Mott Street. Heading south another half block and you have reached your destination: Parisi Bakery (198 Mott Street).

If you arrive at lunch time, be prepared to wait. If you come earlier, buy your sandwich; maybe mortadella, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and olive oil on a fresh baked hero roll, or eggplant parm, or, if youíve just woken up, the egg and potato. Anything on their bread works, but mortadella is their specialty.

At Parisiís they also make their own mini-pizzas minus the cheese. They can be eaten cold and might make for a magnificent snack as you sit in your room and take in the view for those aforementioned warehouse-sized windows.

Finally, take along a few loaves to munch on back in your hotel room. Whatever you get will easily sustain you until the time comes for you to stuff your face with the complimentary bites offered to complement the hotelís afternoon tea.

[Top photo: HotelChatter; Parisi Bakery: Simply Scrumptious Foodie]

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