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The Tallest, Most Expensive Building in Bangkok Will Have You Living in a Hotel

Where: Thailand
September 16, 2011 at 4:05 PM | by | ()

Staying for a few nights in a hotel is one thing, but buying into that lifestyle and staying for a portion of your life in one is another matter entirely. Fortunately for hotels, people dream of doing this very thing, hence the rise of hotel-style apartment living (beaucoup amenities), or just plain hotels with condos thrown on top.

When they're completed next year, Bangkok's Ritz-Carlton Residences should steal the top spot in the luxury dream of those who would give their right arm to occupy a hotel suite. In addition to the being the tallest and most expensive skyscraper in Bangkok's skyline, the 200 Ritz-Carlton Residences at Maha Nakhon will compliment an actual "boutique hotel"—ah hem The Edition Bangkok—also housed in the architecturally mindboggling building.

Now for the prices: the smallest united in the Ritz-Carlton residences will jump off around $890,000. Although if you're a big shot who maybe is having your assistant read this aloud to you and you won't settle for anything less than the Penthouse, be prepared to smack down $11.25 million. Room rates for The Edition Bangkok? No idea on these yet, but rest assured we'll keep you posted (even though we're quite sure this project will be massively delayed).

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