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Ritz-Carlton Will Be Pulling the Strings at The Edition Hotel Bangkok

August 8, 2011 at 11:39 AM | by | ()

We always thought that the Edition Hotel in Bangkok wouldn't be that far behind the openings of Edition Waikiki and Istanbul. But despite a projected 2012 opening date, the hotel is now delayed until 2014.

That's because ground was just broken back in June on the luxury mixed-use retail project Maha-Nahkon, a 77-storey building that will house the Edition hotel as well as Ritz-Carlton residences and about 10,000-sq.ft. of retail space.

Interestingly, Ritz-Carlton will operate the Edition Hotel. That's not too much of a stretch since both brands are owned by parent company Marriott Hotels but still an interesting development nonetheless. And probably a wise move considering that Edition is having some issues getting off the ground as a new brand.

If When the building is completed in 2014 it will not only be one of the coolest looking buildings in the world (Jenga! comes to our minds) but it will also be the tallest building in Bangkok.

As for where the next Edition Hotel will open, we're just not sure? Maybe London? Considering that Edition Bangkok is listed as "Coming Soon" on the Edition Hotels website, "soon" for the next Edition Hotel might actually be a couple of years.

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