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Park Hyatt Shanghai Keeps Your Feet Clean With Foot Showers

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  Site Where: 100 Century Ave., Shanghai, Shanghai, China, 200120
August 9, 2011 at 10:40 AM | by | ()

Bathroom Tuesday continues! Just when we thought hotels had figured out all the ways to pamper us, we happened upon a peculiar and peculiarly delightful little in-room amenity at the Park Hyatt Shanghai: foot showers.

Walking around the gritty streets of Shanghai can get downright dirty, so of course when you retire to one of your stratospheric rooms on floors 79-93 of the Shanghai World Financial Center (it used to be the world’s highest hotel before the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong opened in March), you want to wash all that grime off before exploiting your room’s other amenities to the fullest, in particular the free WiFi and the fact that it’s the only hotel in the city that filters its water so it’s safe to drink.

Though we could barely take our eyes off the view of Pudong while touring a room, we did look down long enough to notice a long, shiny spigot at about shin-level that piqued our curiosity. When we asked about it, we found out that, in addition to full bathtubs and showers with both overhead and handheld shower heads in a glassed-off section of the bathroom, every room in the hotel comes equipped with a special little foot shower head to douse your aching dogs. Those are the kinds of little touches that we find irresistible…and no, we’re not foot fetishists.

Apart from the room features, we also found out that the hotel is one of the first in the brand to be hosting a special Masters of Food and Wine week November 22-26 featuring world-famous chefs like Alain Ducasse and Gerard Basset, as well as Chinese master chefs collaborating on extravagant meals. The first will be in Zurich in September, with more following throughout the year.

Rates at the Park Hyatt Shanghai start at 1,840 CNY or $285 a night.

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Dirty feet

Andaz 5th Avenue has the same! and you KNOW you need to wash your feets after walking around NYC in the summer wearing your flip flops.


very good go=== w w w j o r d a n f o r w o r l d c o m