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Gansevoort Only Wears Clothes From The Next Generation

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August 30, 2011 at 9:06 AM | by | ()

What happens when a flashy brand like Lacoste sets up shop inside a flashy hotel lobby like Gansevoort Park Avenue? Well, the staff uniforms get a whole lot, er, flashier.

Even though the hotel's already been open for a year, the infamous alligator brand is just now getting ready to deck out the entire hotel staff, according to the NY Times. Not limiting itself just to Park Avenue, however, the company will service both Gansevoort hotels, plus the Soho House, and Nobu out in the Hamptons.

What Lacoste wants us to remember from all this is that they're a "distinctive premium brand." A partner at Lacoste's marketing agency explained to the Times that though the alligator icon is well-known, it has "lost touch with the next generation." Now, in seeking to bring back Lacoste as a relevant, edgy, in-yer-face brand, the company has gotten on board with hotels (Gansevoort), bloggers (JustJared), and gimmicky publicity stunts (in time for Fashion Week) to put the brand back in people's minds.

Photos of the new uniforms have not been released, though we anticipate something "chic and la-di-da and French."

While we've seen two other hotels already go for branded uniforms this year, Gansevoort Park has one particular advantage: the store's right inside the hotel! So now there's really no excuse for sloppy-looking staff members. And if you happen to like their look, all you have to do is walk across the lobby! Easy.

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