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What It's Like Working With W

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August 3, 2011 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

Everyone from Oprah to Hudson Valley farmers is getting on board with hotel shops, those eclectic mini malls conveniently located right inside the lobby.

This week, we take a look at a new indie jewelry collection that has recently popped up inside the W Leicester Square. PDB Jewelry (it stands for 'Pure Dead Brilliant') is a Bali-based company whose cuffs, earrings, rings and necklaces tend to have cute, weird little sayings emblazoned straight into the metal. Which, somehow, makes them a perfect fit for the often-blunt hotel idioms of W.

Located in "The Store," (see what we mean about being blunt?), the jewelry (which ranges between $80-$125) is part of the hotel's larger collection of jewelry, clothes, books, and other buy-on-the-fly items. Designer Nora Logan explains how they chose the pieces they did for the hotel:

"The pieces we sent for the W were ones like Coco, our bangle with a tophat charm; the No. 74 London bus necklace; and Tommy Gambler cufflinks with an abacus on them. These pieces all fit perfectly in the London store not only because of the obvious bus and tophat connotation but also because they're slightly off-kilter and unusual, great for the W"

As it turns out, not only was W a dream job for the London-and-Bali-based designer, but it also touched on a personal connection to the hotel chain, as a result of her globe-trotting upbringing:

"It was a dream of mine from the beginning to be in one of the W hotels, because their whole brand and ethos is akin to my own.

Luckily they wanted us for the London shop, which really means something to me because it is where I spent a large part of my childhood."

The collection will be available through the fall.

[Photo: PDB]

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