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Hurricane Irene Brought Out the Best in Some Hotels

August 29, 2011 at 11:33 AM | by | ()

You survived!! Looks like Hurricane Irene was far worse in the fantasies of meteorologists everywhere than it actually turned out to be. That's not to say the hurricane, excuse us, tropical storm wasn't scary at times and even though it didn't pack the punch we all expected, there are still lots of people without power along the East Coast.

We'll let the regular news outlets handle the aftermath coverage but we did watch all the hotel-related Irene activity as it was happening on Twitter and here were some of our favorite hurricane-related hotel tweets.

· The London NYC tweeted us this gorgeous shot above from their hotel waiting for Irene to hit Central Park. The hotel's Maze restaurant and London Bar weathered the storm just fine.

· @Manuel_C gave us the blow-by-blow (hah, pun intended!) from the Le Parker Meridien.

· The Surrey Hotel let us know they were giving out goodies bags to guests filled with magazines, Surrey waters, juice boxes, snacks, board games, etc.

· The Eventi was handing out free breakfast, lunch and dinner to guests stuck at the hotel on Saturday and Sunday. We have a major crush on this hotel now!

· Meanwhile, down in Disney World, park-goers were offered room discounts if they couldn't get home. Discounts in Disney are rare!

· Lastly, @DrewKramerCO put a new twist on hotel evacuation tweeting:

Forced to evacuate Goat Island in Newport, RI ahead of Irene - nice to be kicked out of a hotel & for once have it be someone else's fault.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed their observations and updates! It made hurricane-watching a good time! Can't wait to do it again! Er...maybe not.

Did your hotel do something fun while waiting out the storm? Let us know!

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