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Marriott's Edition Hotels is Locked Out in Waikiki

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August 29, 2011 at 8:15 AM | by | ()

This used to be a happy place.

Uhoh. Remember that Edition Waikiki Lawsuit that the owners of the Edition Waikiki filed against Edition's parent company Marriott Hotels and visionary Ian Schrager a few months ago? Well things have just gotten really nasty.

The Wall Street Journal reports that over Saturday night, the owners changed the locks on the hotel doors, effectively shutting out Marriott.

In a dramatic move, the owners of the Waikiki Edition in Hawaii said Sunday that in the early morning hours they installed new management and changed the signs and locks on the hotel to reflect a new name, the Modern Honolulu. The changes were made in spite of a contract that allows Marriott to run the hotel as an Edition for 30 years.

Marriott's COO Arne Sorenson has released a statement to the WSJ saying this was an "illegal event" and that the owners of the hotel threatened employees with dismissal unless they agreed to the new management. Marriott now intends to "aggressively and vigorously pursue all remedies against the owner and its partners." The hotel owners meanwhile maintain they have the legal right to kick Edition out because Marriott was mismanaging the property and losing money.

Right now, all signage at the hotel has been covered up or changed to reflect the new hotel name, The Modern Honolulu. The new management company is Aqua Hotels and Resorts who operate a bunch of other hotels in Hawaii, typically on the budgety end.

Meanwhile, the Edition Waikiki's website is still up but reservations are not going through. Given the hotel's occupancy woes we know they are not sold-out so this is definitely to do with the drama that's going down.

The hotel is also not showing up on Aqua Hotels yet so if you're keen to stay here you should probably call the property to make your reservations. Unless they changed the phone number too. And if they did, we'd advise you to stay away from a property with such bad vibes. (This also does not bode well for the Hawaiian Food and Wine Festival which is to take place at the hotel on September 29.)

In other Edition news, Sorenson told the WSJ that Edition plans to open its London and Miami Beach properties in the next year or two. (Weakly raises hands in the air and says, "Yay?")

Do you work at the Edition Waikiki/Modern Honolulu? Tell us what the morale is like at the hotel! As always, anonymity assured!

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their new website is up <a href="http://www.themodernhonolulu.com">http://www.themodernhonolulu.com</a> and seems to be working

not accepting reservation online

Although the new website is up... it is not accepting reservations online.

Marriott demands owner and new operator vacate...

Marriott's response to "illegal" take over...

<a href="http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/marriott-says-takeover-of-waikiki-edition-by-owner-illegal-128600653.html">http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/marriott-says-takeover-of-waikiki-edition-by-owner-illegal-1 28600653.html</a>

Ballsy move for sure

I just wonder why they chose Aqua Hotels to manage this luxury property. And also, this is sad. I had such high hopes for Edition. To have this sort of scuffle happen so early on is just a shame.

Very sad