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Look What Aloft Brooklyn Caught On Surveillance Tape

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August 30, 2011 at 12:39 PM | by | ()

When idle hotel guests are left to their own devices...

Aloft hotels in New York have partnered up with indie music blog Pitchfork to create a a "video surveillance" live music series, featuring different bands performing in the rooms. While this is conceptually very reminiscent of Yotel's 100 Under 2 Festival, there is one big difference: you can't actually attend the performances in the hotel.

Instead, everything takes place on the screen. In fuzzy, distorted images—so you feel like you're spying on a private rehearsal, which is actually the opposite of a performance. Kinda cool!

What's funny (to us) is how you can tell the band (Junior Boys, above) have squeezed themselves into a Standard guest room—the same style room we denounced last month for seeming too empty. That's not the case anymore!

Apparently, the band showed up to Aloft Brooklyn in early June to record the video, and stayed for several hours to get the shots just right. Over at Aloft Harlem, a shirtless Diamond Rings (above) can be seen strumming away on his guitar.

Head here to watch the videos, and keep an eye out for two more bands in the coming weeks!

[Photos: Pitchfork]

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