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For the Sake of Hotel Art: The Pink Dinosaur of the EAST Hotel Hong Kong

August 18, 2011 at 4:16 PM | by | ()

Is the WiFi free? Does the gym have good machines? All these things get noticed when checking into a hotel, but what about the atmosphere of the place—specifically the art on the walls or on the floor? We're highlighting properties around the world that do their artwork right, and the specific pieces you should stare long and hard at when next you drop by.

Today: The East Hotel Hong Kong's dinosaurs by Sui Jianguo.

His teeth are bared, glistening and his foot, a menacing step forward. That's about as threatening as the dinosaur sculptures of the East Hotel get, however, considering that they're about 3-foot tall, plastic and in pop-bright colors like cotton candy pink. They stake out the corners of the hotel's top suites, a lighthearted feature in a room full of modern tech updates and clean design.

The artist, Jianguo, is extremely famous in China with the dinosaur series among his most recognized works. The focus—if you look closer and spot the proud "Made in China" on the dinosaur's belly—is on the consumer culture and industrial strength that flipped China into the world power it is today.

Don't think about stealing this T-Rex however; Jianguo's pieces retail for 4,000 Euros and up, hence why you'll only find pinkie in the suites.

If you'd like to catch one of Jianguo's dinosaurs closer to home, there's a big red one called "Dinosaur in the Wind" in the outdoor Boeing Gallery of Chicago's Millennium Park.

[Photos: HotelChatter]

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What a novel idea!

Such a great way to make your hotel stand out from the crowds, its surprising how much people notice any additional extras!