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Where Does New York's Most Androgynous Model Hang Out? The James, Of Course

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August 18, 2011 at 8:58 AM | by | ()

It was during a well-deserved coffee break and magazine-browsing session yesterday that we stumbled upon gender-defying supermodel Andrej Pejic's cover story in New York Mag. Unlike hotels, we don't keep up with the fickle day-to-day world of fashion, but sometimes it's nice to dive in and see what all the fuss is about.

Lo and behold! What peaked our interest, but a reference to a hotel party that the reporter had attended, along with Pejic, at none other than the James New York. And considering Jimmy's (the rooftop bar) reputation, this seems like an appropriate choice. Pejic is evidently quite specific about his recreational time, and at one point tells the reporter, "You know, I feel like at this age, [hard-core partying] is appropriate.”

The article paints quite a vivid picture of the hotel's rooftop scene:

"Though no one seemed to know exactly what the James-hotel party was for, it was a swanky affair. Waiters circled with bottles of Champagne and canapés. A collection of photographers and reporters were flocked at the entrance to the roof terrace to catch the more esteemed guests on their way outside. In the glow of the flash, Pejic pursed his lips and narrowed his bedroom eyes, enjoying the scene.

'I like to party,' he’d told me earlier. 'You know, quite hard-core partying. I feel like at this age, it’s appropriate.'"

Is this the kind of party we'd get invited to if we grew out our hair and dyed it blond? Something to consider...

[Photo: FirstView / New York Magazine]

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