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'Boatels' Go Big Time as China Gets an Aircraft Carrier Hotel

August 16, 2011 at 4:19 PM | by | ()

First there was the brothel-boatel in the Rockaways, then came the Ellis Island ferryboat B&B, and now there's an entire decommissioned Soviet aircraft carrier being retrofitted to become a "luxury" hotel on some beach in China. The boatel trend has officially gone too far, too fast.

The Kiev, an old Russian aircraft carrier, was sold to a Chinese company back in 1996 and now they've finally gotten around to doing something with it. Billing it as "China's first aircraft carrier luxury hotel"—though we're pretty sure it's the world's first—Tiajin Aircraft Carrier Hotel preys upon the Chinese people's new fascination with aircraft carriers, seeing as how the Chinese military only just put their very first active one through sea trials.

Here's the only thing: the inside (as you can see above) doesn't look at all like the inside of a stark, military vessel; it's all comfort and frippery. The only clue is the lack of windows and perhaps the fact that you can go up on deck and sit on a missile prop while eating lunch. There's been no room rates released, and still we wonder how this will do, operating as it is completely on novelty. At least the Queen Mary hotel in Long Beach, CA feels like a ship.

If you're curious to see more pics of the boatel-to-be, go here.

[Photo: Reuters]

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