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Elmo. NASA. The Eventi Hotel. What's Not To Like?

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August 17, 2011 at 8:58 AM | by | ()

Apparently, the prospect of meeting real, live members of the Atlantis Space Shuttle crew, while bouncing around on an inflatable Mars space rover wasn't enticing enough. So now, the Eventi Hotel is throwing Elmo into the mix.

Apparently, the fuzzy red guy made an appearance last month at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where NASA's final space shuttle mission took off. So his presence totally makes sense. Right? Honestly, the whole NASA-Eventi-Sesame Street triumvirate strikes us as a little random. But getting to play with space toys and a Sesame Street character? At a hotel? That's too hard to pass up.

Show up at the hotel any time between 10am and 4pm today to enjoy a “mini space outpost” filled with spacecraft displays, demonstrations, interactive exhibits, screenings and, of course, video games.

Some of the interactive experiences—which will all be located in the hotel's "BeerParc" courtyard—sound better than others, like this apocalyptic moon world:

"Join a simulation where one can become a part of the Moon Base Alpha crew and help to find a solution to restore the life support capability to a lunar habitat after a meteorite impact and even drive a rover across a lunar terrain.”

Of course, if you're just looking to have your picture taken with Elmo, that's cool too.

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