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Inside the Affinia Manhattan's Lobby, A Fun House Mirror

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July 8, 2011 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

To celebrate the start of the weekend, here's a fun fact we recently discovered about the Affinia Manhattan. Though probably not as gratifying as Chromebooks at the Ace, nor as intentional as the plastic bamboo shoots at the Indigo Chelsea—this feature was unmistakable.

As we stood by the elevators in the grand lobby, waiting to ascend from the din of Seventh Avenue, we looked up and noticed something funny about the large framed mirrors hanging overhead. Curved, swollen, distorted images jumped around like eggs in boiling water. What we were looking at, we realized, was a huge fun house mirror. And there was one for each elevator.

The 526-room hotel, whose rates start at $218, suffers from being right across the street from the perpetually-bustling Madison Square Garden on 7th Avenue. On a given day, taxis cram along the side of the street, hot dog stands waft huge billows of smoke, and lethal bike messengers zip in and out of traffic. To say the least, we keep our wits about us in this neighborhood.

Which made it all the more delightful when we found a warped face staring back at us while waiting for the elevators inside. These fun house mirrors likely go unnoticed, simply because they are not in direct view. But next time you feel like pulling a clown face, or possibly an oompa loompa dance, you now know where to go.

[iPhone Photo: HotelChatter]

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