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Our Set List for the Ultimate Hotel Turndown Service

July 8, 2011 at 12:05 PM | by | ()

And before we say goodnight to Sleep Week allow us to leave you with some sweet thoughts on turndown service.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh. Turndown service. Not every hotel offers this but for the ones that do, let us tell you something--a mint on the pillow and a hastily pulled back duvet cover is not going to do it.

No, no, no. We want (not to mention, paid for) the most relaxing, pampering, turndown service there is, a sort of hazy cocoon of sleep-inducing aura that we cannot get at home.

In short, turndown service is practically akin to a christening of one of the babies from Real Housewives of New Jersey--if you're gonna do it, you better go all out! (Just don't get into a brawl as it's happening though.)

Here is our set list, if you will, for the Ultimate Hotel Turndown Service.

· A properly turned-down bed: You can't have turndown service without removing the bulky comforter or duvet and opening the corner of the linens so that when we're ready to get into bed, we can just glide in under the sheets.

· Closed drapes and/or blackout shades: Because no matter whether we're sober or drunk or jetlagged we never remember to shut the drapes on our own. Doing this for us is not only a nice gesture but will ensure that we won't wake up grumpier than Amy Winehouse at six in the morning.

· Soft music: There's only been a few hotel stays of ours when we've walked in after a night out to find that the turndown service has its own soundtrack (mostly new agey tunes.) But it was rather nice. Yet what would be even better is if we could submit our own suggestions for turndown music. (Housekeeping, we hope you like BoyzIIMen. Kidding! Haha. Kinda.)

· Lavender Mists (or another relaxing pillow spray): Yes, we know this might sound frivolous but we've completely downed the Kool-Aid when it comes to sleep aids like lavender pillow spritzes (for stress).

· Slippers by The Bed: We don't even wear slippers half the time but nothing says "We like to pamper you" more in a hotel than when they lay down a little linen next to the bed and place their slippers on top.

· Chocolates: Mints are ok, but chocolates are so much more delicious. Props if you can offer a choice of milk chocolate or dark.

· Bottled Water: So that we don't have to stumble to the minibar in the dark. And yes, this should be free.

· Nighttime Amenity Box: Much like there's a minibar for your munchie needs, our fantasy turndown service would include an medium-sized box on the nightstand that offers tissues, lip balm, eyemask, earplugs, and maybe even a sexy item or two. Again, major points would go to the hotel that would allow you to customize your nighttime amenity box before you check-in.

What was your most memorable turndown service? Tell us in comments below!

[Photo of turndown service at The Carlyle Hotel: CourtneyMay/HotelChatter Flickr Pool]

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