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Head To Mexico For Some Quality Tube Time

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  Site Where: Tlalcaltipac, Glorieta Km 17 s/n, Col. San Sebastian, Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico, 62520
July 8, 2011 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

In terms of oddly-shaped hotel rooms, we'd say the cardboard hotel and Sweden's Icehotel stand out prominently in our minds. But eco-news site Treehugger tipped us off to the Tubohotel, whose rooms are made out of recycled concrete tubes. Perhaps not the kind of hotel room you'd want to stay whilst recovering from plastic surgery, but a winner if you're traveling through Mexico on a shoestring budget—rooms go for a very reasonable $43 per night (or 500 pesos, for those who are already on the plane) and rates stay fixed all year round.

The hotel (we use the term liberally) is located in Tepoztlan, a 45 minute drive south of Mexico City. We laughed out loud while browsing their website—directions to the property include phrases like: "Ask Uncle Pepe, he will show you," and "just like in life, Young Jedi, there are many ways to arrive at your chosen destination." We couldn't agree more, Tubohotel. Now, any wisdom on how to make other hotels as cool as you?

Each "tube" is fitted out with queen-size beds, desk lights, fans, and towels. Glass doors make the front of the tubes quite attractive, and curtains offer some privacy. Though no bathrooms can fit inside the actual tubes, there are public bathrooms located on-site—guests are encouraged to bring their own toiletries, however.

Tubes are stacked pyramind-like, three at a time, in clusters around the property. Simply round up two other like-minded traveler friends, and you've got yourself one mega party pyramid.

[Photo: Treehugger]

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