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Attack Of The Killer Plastic Things At The Hotel Indigo Chelsea!

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July 7, 2011 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

While enjoying a stroll through Chelsea yesterday, we decided to stop by the newly-renovated public spaces inside Hotel Indigo Chelsea, which include a street-level Italian restaurant and rooftop bar. But lo and behold, what did we find? A bunch of weird, white tubes sprouting up everywhere! Installed throughout the front courtyard and lobby, the collective tube total could easily have numbered in the thousands (and we weren't about to take the time to count).

We're reminded of the "giant white tentacles" included in the design of HGI Times Square's rooftop bar, XVI. We weren't crazy about the idea of tentacles back then, and we sure aren't now either. But Bill Mehalco, an Assistant General Manager for the hotel, assured us that that these Italian-imported plastic bamboo shoots will eventually be reinforced by the addition of tiny LED lights—though he couldn't say exactly when. More rooftop renovation photos after the jump!

The street-level Italian restaurant, Cafe B, has a very posh feel, from the textured woven carpeting to the floor-to-ceiling windows in the back. Albeit, there's not much to look at through those windows, but the light is always appreciated. Considering Indigo touts themselves as a step up from neighboring Fairfield Inn Chelsea and Hilton Garden Inn Chelsea (all three are located on the same block), Cafe B certainly makes an impression.

The rooftop bar, Sky B, underwent two main transformations: the bar got moved from the center of the floor to the side, allowing for better, unobstructed views of downtown; and the brick walls were covered over with rustic, weathered-looking wooden planks. Certainly an improvement. Now, if only they had used similar judgment on the lobby decor...

Check back next week for snapshots of a Standard King inside the hotel!

[iPhone Photos: HotelChatter]

Archived Comments:

Bad architecture

How do you tell the difference between the Hotel Indigo Chelsea and the Fairmont Inn Chelsea and the Hilton Garden Inn Chelsea?  They look identical. Kind of like a medical office building somewhere.

It's true...

They are all located on the same block, and can blend together a little. But if you want to distinguish the Indigo from the rest, just look inside the lobby for the white things! Easy.

Also, not sure if Fairfield Inn and HGI have Italian restaurants in their lobbies.