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Missed Western Valentine’s Day? Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day at Peninsula Shanghai

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  Site Where: 32 The Bund, Shanghai, Shanghai, China, 2000002
August 1, 2011 at 2:50 PM | by | ()

Did you forget to buy your sweetheart candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day, and have been paying for it ever since? Or maybe you only just met someone special and wish you could enlist Cupid’s help to show your love, but have over six months until you can celebrate Anti-Singles Day again.

Lucky for you we look for any chance to get all sentimental and mushy, and found out during a recent trip to Shanghai that Chinese Valentine’s Day falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, and this year it’s on August 6. We also just learned about two Chinese Valentine’s Day packages being offered by the Peninsula Shanghai.

While we were inquiring into the packages, we found out the story behind Chinese Valentine’s Day… in case any trivia dorks like us are interested. A long time ago, a lowly and lonely cowherd happened upon the seven fairy daughters of the Empress of Heaven bathing in a river. The youngest fell in love with him and stayed with him on earth until being snatched back to her home by the Empress.

The cowherd used a magical cowhide to follow her, but the two lovers were separated in the sky by the fairy’s mother and placed in different constellations. Taking pity upon the two lovers, though, the Empress of Heaven allowed them to meet for one day each year, Chinese Valentine’s Day, when a bridge of magpies forms a bridge across the night sky for them to cross.

Aww. You need not fear separation from your love or dependence upon pesky birds to make your Chinese Valentine’s Day worth it, though. The hotel is offering a prix-fixe five-course dinner with champagne at its 13th-floor restaurant, Sir Elly’s, with spectacular views down the Bund and across the river to the skyscrapers of Pudong. The dinner costs 1,280 RMB, or $200 per person.

Those looking to splurge, and you better if you’ve waited until Chinese Valentine’s to treat your love to a night out, consider the hotel’s special Valentine’s Day Prestige Package for a whopping 26,800 RMB, or $4,160.

It includes a ride to the hotel in one of their signature green Peninsula Rolls-Royce’s and a welcome glass of champagne. The evening continues in the private Sir Horace room at Sir Elly’s with a red rose bouquet, an eight-course dinner for two, and a photograph of the couple taken from the Sir Elly’s terrace with the Huangpu River and Pudong in the background.

Then after dinner, the couple can retreat to a Deluxe River Suite with a bottle of champagne. The package also includes breakfast for two the next morning. Better make it room service.

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