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Any Concierges Out There Especially Good With Handling Ducks?

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July 22, 2011 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

There are all sorts of niche hotel jobs out there--we've profiled more than a few of them here--but being a duckmaster at the Peabody Memphis might be the most unusual hotel job out there.

However, taking care of the ducks is a full-time job and apparently a busy one as Head Duckmaster Jason Sensat is looking for an assistant to help him out. The Associated Press reports:

The assistant would help head Duckmaster Jason Sensat feed and care for the ducks. The new hire also would guide the four hens and one drake on their two daily walks from their penthouse suite to the marble fountain in the hotel lobby. The walk, a tradition for 78 years, draws hundreds of spectators every day.

And get this: the new assistant duckmaster "would also be a concierge when not helping with the ducks."

Hmm, we wouldn't think the two jobs were so interchangeable but if there's any current concierges out there who love ducks, you might want to apply!

[Photo: Peabody Memphis]

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What a cool job!

This would have to be a pretty lush job! http://www.thetopvillas.com/