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Is The Grand Hyatt A Good Alternative To 48Lex?

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July 22, 2011 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Earlier this month, we commiserated with a guest who, after having confirmed a reservation at the Hyatt 48Lex, was politely re-routed via letter to the nearby Grand Hyatt. The 48Lex wasn't ready, he was told, and would he mind moving "just six short blocks away?"

But what that letter neglects to mention is that the Grand Hyatt itself is nearing completion on renovations of its own. Which means that, depending on where they get shuffled off to, Grand Hyatt guests may very well end up facing construction crews anyway. And no matter how pretty a renovated room looks, construction noise is construction noise.

The Grand Hyatt's new lobby will debut in October, and its features will include two large sculptures (peep one of them at the top of the page), softly-lit screens, and new ceiling lighting that will "create the natural colors of a sky overhead." Not a cloudy sky, we hope!

The same team responsible for the lobby (Bentel & Bentel) will also oversee a multi-use space known simply as "Gallery On Lex," which contains a specially-commissioned artwork by German artist Burghard Müller-Dannhausen. Looking straight out to Lexington Avenue, the venue is intended to be "extremely flexible and allow for multiple spatial arrangements."

So far, only the restaurant portion is actually complete, in addition to two floors of fully renovated rooms.

Now the race is on. Which one will be finished first? Lex48 or the Grand Hyatt?

[Photo: Grand Hyatt]

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