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Does That Concierge Know There's A Zipper On His Vest?

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July 21, 2011 at 1:05 PM | by | ()

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Le Place D'Armes, the Montreal hotel kindly asked fashion designer Dennis Gagnon to whip up some snazzy new staff uniforms. And on Tuesday night, those uniforms—scarves, zippers, Aldo shoes and all—were debuted to a small crowd inside Suite 701 (the hotel's billowy, high-ceilinged bar).

A far cry from the super-casual duds we saw last month at the Hotel Williamsburg! What do Americans know, anyway? For a look at more of the black-and-white collection, click below.

Observe the way she coolly places her hand behind her back, to better flaunt the scarf.

...and here we have another dapper fellow—this time, the zippers can be found on his jacket.

The uniforms are apparently a part of the hotel's efforts to keep up with trends, and also celebrate a local "treasure" of talent. Says VP of Marketing & Development Dimitri Antonopoulos:

"We are very proud of this new partnership and to welcome a Quebec treasure in haute couture. Our customers from around the world will now be able to appreciate the vibrant creativity of our local artists."

Appreciate them? Yes. Will we ever get to look as cool? Probably not.

[Photos: Groupe Antonopoulos]

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