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Guests Will Cruise Around Nolita On Their Nolitan-Branded Skateboards

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July 18, 2011 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

It's finally finished. Almost. The Nolitan opens next Monday to guests—though as of Thursday, many of its rooms were still wrapped in plastic, pending the installation of some straggler glass shower stall doors. Boy, these guys really like to cut it close.

First things first: yes, that newspaper we showed you on Friday is the hotel's classy new brochure. And though we find the whole thing a little contrived (headlines read: free wifi! cheap minibars! yoga mats!), we have to admit, there is also something badass about a hotel touting its own fabulousness in the pages of a self-published newspaper.

The feel of the Nolitan is quiet and relaxed, almost to the point of domestic. And that's just how they want it. The lobby won't have a DJ (instead, a soothing video installation will be projected onto the wall). Staff members won't wear uniforms (instead, they will go shopping at J. Crew). General Manager Patrick wants guests "to feel just like they're just inside a very luxurious home."

So, what might this luxury home offer? Well, free skateboards for one.

The small but efficient lobby offers a bookshelf full of Phaidon art books (hey, it's no wall of TASCHEN, but it'll do!). On display in the front window will be the hotel's official Nolitan skateboards, which come in two sizes, and are free for guests to use. We're guessing those might attract some attention from the neighborhood!

Speaking of neighborhood, the hotel has partnered with local vendors (Belle by Sigerson Morrison, Bio, GirlCat, John Varvatos, among others) to provide discounts to guests. One of the vendors, Red Flower, also happens to have supplied all the hotel's toiletries.

Fifty-five rooms are economically squeezed into a tower that could comfortably fit around 40. But this is New York—so there are ways to compensate for tight spaces. 70% of the rooms each have their own north-facing balcony (turn your head from the Trump Soho tower to the Empire State Building, to the Williamsburg Bridge, in one unfettered sequence).

While we still consider Yotel the master of closet-sized rooms (that's their point, after all), Nolitan has also gotten creative with its limited accommodations. Exhibit A: the giant standalone tub (first seen in our preview here), a giant white trough angled towards the floor-to-ceiling windows. So you can sunbathe while you bathe-bathe—nevermind the fact that the bed is still within arm's reach.

If we had to pick a favorite, we'd probably opt for a corner room. No, you don't get a balcony, but those wraparound views are killer, and front-facing rooms don't get a tub. Plus, an entire side of the hotel faces east—so when it comes to natural light, corner rooms are in a very good spot.

The first-ever guests are scheduled to check in next Monday, July 25 and introductory rates are holding steady at $305 a night. In the next few months, the hotel plans to add its rooftop bar, as well as a second-floor terrace for private events. Though, with the Nolitan's track record, we may want to allow them a little extra time.

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UPDATE: Jenny Miller from Grub Street just added a slideshow of menu items from the Nolitan's restaurant, Ellabess, which opens tonight. Fried chicken breast with pickled watermelon rind? Yes, please!

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