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What Happens in Vegas Actually Comes Home With You, If You Stayed at Aria Recently

July 14, 2011 at 5:00 PM | by | ()

Generally, on a trip to Vegas, you can expect to get wasted, lose money gambling, spend more than you can afford on food, drinks and Chippendales and then go home with a wicked hangover and vow to do it all again next year/month/lifetime. What you don't expect is to get home and receive a letter from the hotel like this one, saying you may have contacted Legionnaire's disease.

That's what is currently unfolding at Aria Resort and Casino. Apparently guests who stayed at the hotel June 21 and July 4 are being contacted by the hotel in cooperation with the Southern Nevada Health district after "six former ARIA guests have come down with the pneumonia-like disease which can be contracted through exposure to bacteria-infected water."

Wow, a nasty head cold from the smoky casinos is sounding kinda good right now huh?

Did you stay at Aria during June 21 and July? First, call the Aria Hotline at 1-877-326-ARIA (2742). Then tell us how you feel right now!

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That sucks

Thats a shame. I actually got my current job because the original guy got legionnaires at work from an old air conditioning unit that sent the disease airborne. He almost died. That was 3 years ago and he was never able to come back to work and is on a wlker to this day. This is no joke, get checked out, i guess it just starts as flu-like symptoms.