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What Is Up With The Yotel's Moose?

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July 14, 2011 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

The moose from in front...

Just what does a hotel whose atrium contains a luggage-storing robotic arm have to gain by the unexplained addition of two very weird moose statues into the lobby area? Everything, apparently. We first noticed this slightly off-putting creature when we first visited Yotel's opening festival, 100 Under 2. We scratched our heads then, and we're scratching them now.

What is this? Stationed in the middle of the lobby, directly in front of the elevators (when you step out, that smile hits you like a slap in the face), the moose creature feels out of place and arbitrary. But that must be why Yotel likes it. Because, after speaking to both staff members and the hotel's official representation, we learned the moose are here to stay. And yes, there's more than one of them.

...the moose from behind.

We pointed inquisitively at the statue in the lobby, and one staff member told us:

"Oh, you're asking about the moose? I have no idea where those things came from. They just showed up one day, the workers brought them in, and that was it.

At first, they tried to put him [pointing to the one by the elevators] behind me and I was like, 'No way!'

Gerard [Greene], the owner, just likes them, so he wanted them here. They'll probably be here forever."

The whole thing is still a little mysterious—who designed them? what do they mean? why are they wearing glasses?—but we guess it's just part of the Yotel experience. Honestly, once you've hung around the lobby for a few minutes, you start to barely notice them at all. OK, that was a lie.

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