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Affinia Would Like To Teach You A Little Something About Burgers

July 12, 2011 at 9:22 PM | by | ()

Either business is slow, or some marketing executive ran away with himself. Or maybe Affinia is just really, really proud of their chefs. Either way, we're loving their newest food-centric promotion: a national BBQ hotline. Yes, you read that right.

Three Affinia hotels across the country (The Liaison Capitol Hill, C-House, and Affinia Shelburne) will help launch this interactive new feature which encourages people (not necessarily guests) to submit all their BBQ-related questions to this address, at which point your query will be forwarded to the appropriate hotel (DC handles all southern-inspired BBQ, while burger-specific queries go to NYC.) After 24-48 hours of agonizing suspense, you may then expect a reply. On Monday, we decided to test out the hotline for ourselves. Read on to see the response we got!

When it came time to devise a particular question, our mind was stuck on burgers. Home-cooked burgers, though tasty, can often be a little boring—not to mention too dry, not flavorful enough, burnt on one side. So we asked the grand Affinia masters how we could get more creative. Here was their response:


Thank you for your question. There are a lot of things that can be added to spice up burger mix. Some include: 
Worchestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, caramelized onions, chopped garlic. Any of these would be great additions to a burger!

Thank you!"

Well, not quite the illustrated guide we were hoping for, but a start nonetheless. Now excuse us while we head to the grocery store. The weekend is fast approaching, and we need to get in a few test batches!

Ready to give Affinia's national BBQ hotline a shot? Send an email to bbqbootcamp@artandsouldc.com, and don't forget to tell us about your experiences after!

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