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Check Out All The Celebs We Saw At Hotel On Rivington

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July 12, 2011 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

OK, so maybe celebrities weren't physically at THOR, but thanks to a photo installation by EJ Camp, you feel like you're dining with them inside the hotel's restaurant Co-Op. The skylit dining room, which contains a 30 foot communal dining table (all the cool kids sit there—which means not us), has 40 iconic New Yorkers plastered across one of its walls in life-size polaroid prints.

Tired of waiting for your food? Have a staring contest with Moby. Getting antsy while the check takes forever to come? Bask in Betsey Johnson's dazzling smile.

One of the celebrities featured on the wall is Sex And The City costume designer Patricia Field. We found her expression a little smug, but we weren't at all surprised to see her there. Co-Op is a branch of the Guerilla Culinary Brigade, which was co-founded by gastronomic event ringmaster Alan Phillips. And if you remember, Phillips was also responsible for the pop-up dinner party we attended at the Sanctuary Hotel back in March. Where we ran into Patricia Field. See how it all comes together?

The American-brasserie-sushi-bar hybrid, which opened in May, is pretty much a slam dunk for the hotel, which was obviously seeking ever loftier heights within the hotel dining world. They achieved their goal. Take our recent meal, for example, which included whitefish tempura balls with amazu ponzu sauce ($18), plus tuna sashimi with tiny slivers of gold leaf ($13). Yum. And yum. Another highlight came at the end of the meal, when we selected tea out of a wooden box that had tiny LED lights twinkling inside each chamber. Luminescent tea! How does it get any better?

Co-Op's giant polaroid exhibition is barely visible from the front lobby, so make sure to walk all the way through to the back dining room to really absorb the entire gallery. Because when the food comes, trust us, you'll be quite distracted.

[Photo: HotelChatter]

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