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The NoMad Hotel Gets A Glass Pyramid Roof!

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July 5, 2011 at 11:19 AM | by | ()

The hotel that rocked the construction zone party is back for more—this time with a construction zone restaurant tour! Midtown's NoMad Hotel invited an editor from NBC's The Feast to take a look at the unfinished hotel's unfinished "urban playground" restaurant. And nothing get us in the mood to play more than drywall and exposed water pipes.

The restaurant, described as "fun" and "spontaneous" by chef Daniel Humm and GM Will Guidara, will center around a glass-pyramid-ceiling room known as "the atrium" (pictured). Interesting to have such a unique design be located only one block from the even-weirder protruding facade of the Gershwin Hotel. Perhaps there's more to south midtown than meets the eye...

Photos from the walk-through show the restaurant is divided into five rooms: the glass pyramid-enclosed atrium, the open-hearth dining room, the red mahogany library, the bar, and the semi-private fireplace. All rooms will be accessible from the atrium.

GM Will Guidara even made an interesting comparison between his yet-to-be-opened restaurant and the Rolling Stones:

"'When you listen to their music, they feel loud, loose, and chaotic,' explains Guidara.

'But if you read about The Stones, they're one of the most studied and deliberate groups in the last forty years. To pursue something with intention and deliberation is exactly what we're about. We want things to be fun, but we don't want things to just happen randomly.'"

So, does this mean we can still expect impromptu fashion week catwalks? We sure hope so!

Now as for when this hotel will actually open, we still don't know. But there is some good news here. Billionaire investor Ron Burkle has apparently scooped up the hotel after partnering up with the Sydell development group. Remember, these are the folk behind the neighboring Ace New York (just a block away!) and the upcoming Drinkwater Hotel in Scottsdale.

But since Burkle is also involved with Morgans Hotel Group, the WSJ is ruminating that Morgans could step in and operate the NoMad. Which we wouldn't be totally against. But maybe they could branch out from the brand standard and offer free WiFi in this joint? Think about it Burksie.

[Photo: The Feast]

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