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Josh Flagg Staycations at the Four Seasons Los Angeles

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Once again, Million Dollar Lister Josh Flagg is back, allowing us a peek inside the hotel lifestyles of the rich and famous. Since we'd never be able to afford a penthouse suite, we'll leave it to Josh to give us his nuanced review of these upper echelon hotel rooms. We like to think of him as our very own Eloise--except you know, he's a grown man. Enjoy!

The other weekend I was given the opportunity to "get out of town." And by out of town, I mean away from my home on Avenue of the Stars in Century City and into a suite at the Four Seasons Los Angeles.

So at eleven in the morning, the hotel picked up me and my partner, Colton, in their Phantom Rolls and took us and Godzilla (our dog) to the hotel. The complimentary car takes you anywhere around the vicinity of the hotel within a two mile radius. There was even a dog bed for Godzilla in the car which was great because she was wondering where she would be sitting.

When we arrived at the hotel, I suddenly felt like I was in Paris. I guess they use the same fragrance in the lobby as they do at the George V. Whatever it is, I was immediately in a good mood.

When I checked in, a friendly gentleman handed me a fancy little felt pouch and inside were my room keys. I usually get my room keys in an envelope (Ed. Note: You do? We never have.) so I thought this was a very nice touch. I didn't take much luggage with me since it was only a weekend trip and I told the bell hop I did not want any help with my one bag.

We were sent up to the hotel's Royal Suite which is one rung under the Presidential Suite but still located on the Penthouse level of the hotel, and let me tell you, it is a true and proper Penthouse. The greatest thing I love about my grandma's home is that not only is it on the top floor of her building, but it is a proper penthouse with 16 foot ceilings.

A real Penthouse must have a double tall ceiling and very few hotels do this on their top floor suites. Hotels usually just call their top floor suites penthouses, but they rarely are any different than the suites on the floors below. I am fortunate enough to have stayed in many penthouses, and this was the creme de la creme.

The room was designed extremely well. My partner pointed out to me that the fabric on the chair in the bedroom was $900 a yard and that the rug was very expensive. Kelly Wearstler wallpaper lined the entry hall walls, and beautiful mohair couches were interspersed throughout the suite.

I usually expect some cheese or wine or a fruit plate when I check into a Four Seasons Hotel, but it was a really nice surprise when the doorbell rang and in walked a Four Seasons employee carrying a hand carved chocolate "Million Dollar Listing" dessert with the logo of the show. I was really impressed. The dessert was covered with fruit and gold shavings and it came with a beautifully hand-written card.

I know that the Four Seasons really takes special note regarding their guests "needs," because a few months earlier, while at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, the hotel had delivered a beautiful cake that was patterned after the original polyester dress that my grandmother introduced to the United States in 1967. The Four Seasons just doesn't miss a trick.

Back to the room. I am used to seeing a couple bottles of Molton Brown or Bvlgari shampoo when I am in a hotel, but this was out of this world. Between the two bathrooms there were 16 bottles (and yes I counted them) of Aqua di Parma, and I know what it costs because I use it at home. Believe me... it isn't cheap! I don't know if they get a bulk rate but there was at least $700 or $800 in toiletries between the two bathrooms. (Oh and yes, I took every single bottle with me. Think about all the money I will save on soap for the year!)

I also enjoyed the stunning fresh flowers in the suite upon my arrival. I was informed that the hotel uses celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh, who apparently did Ashton and Demi's wedding. There were orchids everywhere and it was absolutely exquisite.

What was really unexpected was getting a call from the front desk and being informed that my Lamborghini was waiting for me. I said "I don't own a Lamborghini." The front desk attendant then reminded me of something that I must have overlooked when booking the suite. If you book any of the top suites in the hotel, you get a complimentary Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini. Now I can assure you, I have never been offered a complimentary exotic car in any of the hotels I have stayed in, and I have stayed in a lot of nice hotels.

I actually declined to take the Lamborghini because after 15 minutes of trying to start the thing, I just asked them to give me the Bentley convertible which was so much easier to operate!

I spent the evening enjoying dinner at the hotel’s new restaurant, Culina which happens to be my favorite restaurant in Beverly Hills. If you have not been there, the food is delectable. We started with the crudo, the Italian version of sashimi. We also shared the Panzanella salad with watermelon and heirloom tomatoes, followed by a delicious vegetable pasta and a steak, which was cooked to perfection.

We finished with dessert on the patio by the new fire-water fountain. Culina’s version of the Affogato is topped with cotton candy, just another detail that sets the Four Seasons apart from other hotels.

The next day I spent the afternoon relaxing by the hotel’s pool and briefly worked out in the new outdoor fitness center. I then helped myself to three kids' cheeseburgers which happen to be delicious. The pool attendant informed me that the saline pool was brought in from Italy and has a cushioned bottom, which I found unique.

It was a great way to spend the weekend in town, yet feel as though I was on vacation. I think I will come back next week!

Disclosure: Josh Flagg stayed in the Royal Suite courtesy of the hotel this time but regular watchers of "Million Dollar Listing" know he's been a lifelong paying guest of Four Seasons hotels throughout the world.

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Standard Treatment

I think Mr. Flagg hotel stay is a standard for most hotels top suites. And please take note that this was a courtesy stay provided by the hotel, which drastically changes the review and the service level at any hotel. This is more of an ad than a review.

Especially since the hotel paid for the stay.

Strikingly handsome

Both the hotel and Mr. Flagg! Wow.

What I expect from Josh!

Hi, I'm in Chicago, Live here now. Same block as the Four Seasons. Leaving for France and Italy soon. Will drop you a line although with the way you get around it wouldn't surprise me if one day after walking out of my hotel I would bump into you.
Lillian Brem