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Kimpton's 70 Park Ave Goes Crazy For Metallics

Where: 70 Park Avenue [map], New York, NY, United States, 10016
June 7, 2011 at 4:38 PM | by | ()

Things have gotten a little fancier at Kimpton's 70 Park Avenue Hotel. A major renovation of the hotel's 205 rooms was recently unveiled, and boy, do they want you to know it!

Everywhere you turn (both the rooms and the lobby received a total makeover), the textures are rich, the furnishings exaggerated, and the color scheme is dominated by metallics. Yes, those are actually metallic pillows you're seeing on the bed .

If they were going for modern, maybe they need a new calendar. We feel the new look is slightly department store-ish, and the hotel, with its oversized mirrors and excess of geometric shapes (here's some parallel lines, here's a curved diamond-shape thing, here's a bunch of cylinders) could benefit from a healthy dose of less is more.

When you're shopping, yes, it's nice to choose from an abundance of materials and styles. When you're escaping the madness of New York City in the lobby of a boutique hotel, well, you're just looking for peace.

The busy-body aesthetic doesn't stop with the lobby. Upstairs, a King Premier room (rates start at $296) boasted metallic lamps, metallic pillows, and a matching metallic bolt-shaped mini coffee table. Not that there's anything wrong with a metallic lamp—one of these touches on its own might be legit. But it's the superimposition that's getting us (yes, that's a word.) Even the weird tentacle-y brass sculptures on the wall had the potential to steal our heart, but ended up getting completely swallowed by the metallic surplus. If we had to pick one thing that tickled our pickle, it would probably be the mauve and pink motifs. Nice. Cute. Simple.

When we stepped back, the flow of the lobby has actually become more accessible than it used to be, having bumped the front desk over to the west wall. This provides a more open lounge area (complete with the trademark Kimpton fireplace), and also directs the guest straight to the check-in point upon arrival. "Often, in hotels, people don't know where to go when they step inside," explained a nearby concierge. Luckily for us, a tour guide was with us the whole way.

Most interestingly, the hotel's facelift coincides with the introduction of a "retail therapist" who is available for one-on-one "color consultations...helping guests shop smarter by offering insight into the season's hottest shades and how to hone in on the hue that is right for them." Maybe sometimes, you really shouldn't leave things to the experts.

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