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A Shower With A View In Palm Springs (Just Ignore The Workmen)

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June 29, 2011 at 3:36 PM | by | ()

Youíve heard of peekaboo bathrooms, of course, but this is taking it to a whole new level. This, people, is the view from our shower at the Orbit In in Palm Springs.

We knew we were getting an outdoor shower when we booked the room Ė itís on the website for this room (the Albert Frey Lounge) and was explained to us over the phone. But the guy on the phone also said itís completely hidden from view. Which it is Ė from this angle.

But then you get in the shower and if youíre about 6 feet or over, this is the view that greets you during your nakey time. An empty lot with workmen. And unless youíre into that kind of thing, itís slightly disconcerting to look at workmen as you shower.

To be fair, we checked out the angles and decided there was no way we could be seen by anyone unless they were 7 feet tall and peering over the wall but still. For prudes wallflowers like ourselves, disconcerting. We pretended we were in Iím A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and showered in a bikini and sunglasses.

Not that that would stop us coming back to the Orbit In, or even that room, because the room was a delight Ė a large private terrace, one side of the room being glass-walled overlooking the pool, and a delightfully old school, pink tiled bathroom. The hotel was lovely and quiet, and the room also happened to be without a doubt the cleanest weíve ever had the pleasure of staying in. Or rather, it was upon check in, but then the cleaners didnít come in on day two. Never mind.

Yeah, maybe we could get used to this peekaboo thing after all.

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