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HotelChatter's Favorite Hotel Beds Ever

July 6, 2011 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

Sleep Week continues!

Yesterday, we looked at some of the things you hotel guests do to send yourself off to dreamland in a strange new hotel bed. And not surprisingly, a lot of you said the most crucial part of your sleep routine was the comfiness of the bed--in that if the bed is good, there shouldn't be any problems with getting shut-eye.

So that leads us to the question--where are the best hotel beds? We polled some of our editors and frequent contributors from our family of travel sites--HotelChatter, Jaunted and VegasChatter--(yup, we're all related!) and asked them to submit their favorite hotel bed experiences.

And they are....

Silky Slumber at LE MEURICE

Juliana, HotelChatter + VegasChatter
My favorite hotel bed has to be the one at Le Meurice in Paris, namely for its silky soft sheets. When I stayed here I was about five months pregnant and I probably spent a good 12 hours straight sleeping, reading and even eating in this bed (a baguette and cheese of course.) Now that the baby is five months old, this was probably the last good sleep I had. A runner-up would have to be Encore Las Vegas which not only has a comfortable and large bed but also there's a charger in the nightstand lamp.

Sandman Found at THE W SAN FRAN

Mark, HotelChatter + Jaunted + VegasChatter
The bed at the W San Francisco was very comfy. Maybe it was because I flew cross country but dragging myself out of that bed was not easy. And when I was at W SF I remembered I had a similar experience at W Hong Kong.

East of Sleep Eden at THE EAST HONG KONG

Cynthia, HotelChatter + Jaunted
I like a pure white bed. I'm talking no gaudy throw blankets or decorative pillows; a white bed says crisp, clean and luxurious. When I walk into a room and see a white bed ready to flop into, that's heaven. My two nights at the EAST Hotel Hong Kong was an unexpected hotel revelation. That bed...it's got the magical combination of comfort, tech goodies (bedside outlets, an iHome with iPod Touch, and automatic light/blinds controls), and floor-to-ceiling windows with a sweeping Hong Kong Harbor view. After flying direct to Hong Kong and hitting the ground running in regards to work, I slept hard and fast and awoke to one of the best cities in the world at the end of the bed; you kinda can't beat that. (Note: the EAST also has free WiFi)

Light as a Feather at THE RITZ-CARLTON

Jennifer, HotelChatter + Jaunted
The best hotel bed I've slept in is the feather-top mattress at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel. I think it's the feather top that made it so comfy and lulled me into an immediate sleep—I'm saving up to buy one for my own bed. I also stayed at a Sheraton years back and remember loving that Sweet Sleeper bed, too.


Eric, HotelChatter + Jaunted
The bed really stood out for me from this past year was at the Hotel Yountville in Napa Valley. It was a beautiful, simple four-poster bed with sheer curtains hanging from the canopy rods. The linens were really plush Bellora sheets and a duvet that were just so cozy to snuggle in, especially with the fireplace going on a cold night. Sleeping in that bed in a room with white-washed heavy wood beams and Napa river rock walls just felt like I'd taken a quick trip to a Provencal farmhouse for the weekend. I had a great night's sleep there. Which, considering how much I travel, is rare for me while on the road!


Bob, VegasChatter
The Boston Harbor Hotel has some pretty sweet beds. I checked in at 7am and the music was playing as I walked in from turndown night before, slippers by the bed, bed big and comfy, I didn’t want to get out of it all day. 

California Dreamin' at HOTEL ANGELENO

Alex, HotelChatter
After a month of traveling the west coast, we headed to Los Angeles, where we spent our last three nights at the Hotel Angeleno. Excited, exhausted, and kind of sad to be going home to NYC, we just wanted a place to chill out. Luckily, our bed provided exactly the haven we sought: simple, clean, and understated. No confusing layers of bed covers. No elaborate headboards. What's more, the bed faced toward our eleventh-floor balcony, so every morning, with the curtains drawn open, we would snuggle down and watch the constant flow of traffic below on highway 405—which was oddly soothing, in an indulgent, thank-god-that's-not-us kind of way.

Heavenly Stand-out at THE WESTIN NEW ORLEANS

Marc, VegasChatter
I have two. One is the from the Westin New Orleans. Just a really comfortable bed. The only one that stands out in my life of traveling.  The other one is the bed at the wrap around suite at the Showboat in Atlantic City. Nothing special about the bed, but the suite is one of the few with a balcony in AC. It looked over the Atlantic Ocean and as much as I'm not a romantic, it was beautiful. I sat there and watched the sun rise with multiple cups of coffee every day for a week. 

Now you tell us--where is your favorite hotel bed? Let us know in comments below!

[All photos by HotelChatter]

Archived Comments:

my fav

Got to be the Sofitel So Bed, pure heaven :)

Pet hate: Hilton's unpredictable beds, some good, most awful.


I COMPLETELY agree about the Sofitel--the beds there are the best I've slept in.  And though I hate the W chain, I'll begrudgingly say that their beds are pretty amazing...

Favorite hotel bed

It's got to be the Grand Hotel Europe in Lucerne, Switzerland!  Cheers!

Delta Hotels Sanctuary Beds are my sanctuary!

Delta Hotels across Canada all have the Sanctuary Beds - and they are pure heaven.  It's like sleeping on a cloud.  Fantastic pillow top mattresses with amazing duvets.  But the pillows take the cake!  I even ordered some for myself at home - however, somehow I can never make mine as nice and fluffy, yet supportive as the hotels do...  No matter which location, weather in be in St. Johns, Newfoundland or Victoria, BC the beds are always the same.  They ARE my sanctuary!

Until last week

I would have said the Westin "Heavenly Beds" were the best hotel beds I'd ever slept in.

Then I spent the night at the Rosewood Mansion on Peachtree in Atlanta.  I was there for the July 4th 10K, and I actually made use of the AmEx 4pm late checkout so I could go back afterwards and enjoy the soaking tub and take a nap.

OK, I would have taken a nap after a 10K anyway, but at home I wouldn't have had a big fluffy comforter and a wake-up call.

Favorite hotel beds

I love the bed at the Biltmore in Miami.  I rarely look forward to retiring for the evening but at the Biltmore it was a different story...before I stayed there I would have said the Westin Heavenly Beds...they are very good.