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The Intended Shangri-La Vienna ISO of Love, Companionship and an Operator

Where: Vienna, Austria
June 17, 2011 at 12:41 PM | by | ()

While the former Mandarin Oriental Marrakech recently got snapped up by Taj Hotels, the planned Shangri-La Hotel Vienna is still searching for the perfect companion. We reported that Shangri-La shockingly pulled out back in February and since then, the hotel has been sitting empty.

A tipster tells us that the local media refers to it as a "ghost hotel" and that despite everything being finished and furnished, there's been no takers from the operational standpoint.

That sounds surprising for a completely finished property with 207 rooms and an indoor swimming pool but then again the Shangri-La dumped it because of poor construction quality. So that probably rules out any other luxury brands like Four Seasons and Ritz-Carltons to come in and snap it up. But perhaps there is a "lifestyle" brand that would consider it? (Since they've been known to open up in former Holiday Inns and the like.)

Maybe W Hotels who have thankfully ditched the tertiary market plan for the U.S. and are opening in cooler cities in Europe? Or what about the new B Hotels who have yet to move out of South Florida but are eager and ambitious to roll out more hotels worldwide?

Heck maybe this is even a good opportunity for Edition Hotels? Surely they could find some Marriott money to upgrade the construction or do some reinforcements? (That would also help out their Waikiki Edition lawsuit defense.)

Hotel Matchmakers make the Shangri-La Vienna a match! Drop in your suggestions for who should take over this property in comments below.

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