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What is Wrong With The W's Windows?

June 17, 2011 at 12:14 PM | by | ()

UPDATE, 3:42PM: W Hotels has released this statement on the two incidents.

The W Austin and W Atlanta Midtown incidents are completely unrelated.

The circumstances of the two incidents are quite different and they are totally unrelated. At the W Austin, a panel of glass broke on balcony railings on two unoccupied condo residences located above the hotel. As such, these are two completely separate incidents, at two very different types of buildings and locations (balcony railing versus window).

Teams of experts are currently investigating each event independently.

We thought last month's horror hotel story about the two women falling through a guestroom window at the W Atlanta was bad enough but it's happened again! there's been another scary incident involving glass at a W Hotel. This time, at the new W Austin in Texas.

According to 11Alive.com, four people were injured when two panes of glass fell from the 24th floor onto the hotel's pool deck. The windows actually belonged to an unoccupied condo units on top of the hotel. The injuries were reportedly not serious but yet this is a very serious incident. Especially given what happened at the W Atlanta.

So we have to ask--what is wrong with the W's windows? Yes, we know this is not the fault of W the brand, but rather the developer in charge of building the hotel but still, this is an eerie coincidence.

Whatever the problem is, we hope all W Hotels (and all hotels in general) do extra checks on their windows. In the meantime, we recommend NOT doing what commenter BBPHX said he used to do in hotel rooms.

[Photo: W Austin/Facebook]

Archived Comments:

Not A Window

Just to be clear, a window did not break and fall at W Austin.  It was a a glass balcony banister.

The way this article is written is misleading.  

"two women falling through a guestroom window at the W Atlanta was bad enough but it's happened again!"

No . . it didn't.