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Two Women Fall From W Atlanta After Guestroom Window Breaks

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June 2, 2011 at 8:38 AM | by | ()

People accidentally falling to their death from hotels, while horrifyingly tragic, actually happens quite often. We don't have any numbers or stats at hand but since we're hotel news junkies, we can tell you that those types of incidents pop up rather frequently, like on a weekly basis.

We tend to stay away from those morbid types of stories, after all, there's not much else we can say except to comment on how tragic and preventable the fall could have been.

Yet the case of the two women who fell from the 10th floor of the W Atlanta is incredibly scary because the women weren't hanging out on a hotel room balcony or a rooftop. They weren't even outside.

Ciara Williams and LaShawna Threatt were celebrating Threatt's birthday at the hotel in a guestroom. Reports say the two women were leaning and hugging each other against the room window when suddenly it broke, plummeting the two women below. Williams survived the free fall with internal injuries and a collapsed lung. Threatt did not survive.

How could this have happened? What kind of windows were on this building? And do we have to be careful when leaning up against the window of our next hotel stay?

A local news station in Atlanta, 11Alive is trying to get to the bottom of the matter. The TV crew booked the room next door to where the party was happening and checked out the windows:

The windows go floor to ceiling and do not appear to be double paned windows. There is a barrier about 40 inches up from the floor. We know that the hotel was renovated about 4 years ago, but what we do not know, is if the windows were new.

The news team called the hotel's owner as well as several architects and developers to assess the safety of the windows. So far, no one has gotten back to them.

We've always taken the safety of windows for granted during our hotel stays. Maybe we won't anymore.

Was this just a freak accident or is this something we should really be concerned about? Tell us what you know in comments below.

Archived Comments:

Wow this is crazy...

And to think that I used to demonstrate the strength of hotel windows by running and slamming against them full-force.... like at Wynn Las Vegas on the 57th floor, and the high 20-30 floors of the ANA in San Francisco.  It was always a fun way to completely freak everyone out.  They're very, very strong windows.  However, after reading this, I'll never do this again.