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Prince Harry and The Curious Case of The Goring Hotel Balcony Jump

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May 9, 2011 at 2:37 PM | by | ()

Did Prince Harry jump from a balcony at The Goring Hotel the night before the Royal Wedding? The Daily Mail sure hopes thinks so, citing an anonymous source who said Prince Harry was the life of the party until 3am when he leaped off a balcony from the hotel's veranda.

The paper has even created a helpful diagram to show us how Hot Ginger may have done the act. But apparently, he was not so suave in pulling off the feat. The hotel waiter source tells the Mail:

He had struggled to climb up the railings to get into position, so when he jumped over the edge he did so rather unsteadily and landed awkwardly next to a flower bed.

'He flinched for just a moment before he stood up, rubbing his ankle. Then he looked up, smiled and waved to a roar of cheers before disappearing on to the lawn where there was a secret exit.

Royals, they are just like us! They do stupid things at rehearsal dinners too, making them unbearably hungover for the big day.

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