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Guess The Hotel With The Psychedelic Shape-Shifting Table

May 4, 2011 at 6:07 PM | by | ()

Guess the Hotel goes hi tech today with a video GTH! This is the scene that greeted us on arrival late last night in the lobby and lounge area. As ever, we got the hints, you drop your guesses in comments below. If you can drag yourself away from the swirly table lights, it's time to get guessing!

· This hotel is right in the middle of downtown, in a town where most of the nice hotels are a little drive outside of the city. We’re just two blocks from our favorite breakfast place which sells bottomless champagne for $3.95.
· As you can see from the video, the “lounge” is a lot more peppy than your standard lobby area. You can watch TV, sit by the firepit, drink at the bar or avail yourself of free WiFi on the shape-shifting table which switches from blue to pink to orange to green every couple of seconds (that mid-century feeling, btw, fits in perfectly here):

· The town in question prides itself on its boutique hotels. Chain resorts aren’t really in keeping with the spirit, but this is making us reconsider.
· Looking from our balcony, we can spy no fewer than three pools.
· Lots of hotels in this town put all their efforts into maintaining pretty gardens. Here, all the resources seem to have been piled into sunloungers.
· This morning we opened our bedside drawer to find a Book of Mormon beside the Bible.

Think you know? Fess up in comments below! All will be revealed on Friday.

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Got it!

Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel.