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The Armani Hotel Dubai Hits the Sale Racks

May 3, 2011 at 3:25 PM | by | ()

There was a moment several months ago where we clicked over to check out the current hotel offers on flash sample sale site JetSetter.com and spotted the Armani Hotel Dubai as an upcoming offer. Alas, it disappeared shortly after because perhaps the hotel realized what we were thinking—that it was still a bit too early and too hyped to start with the discounting. All of that is in the past, however, because Armani Hotel Dubai is on JetSetter right now with rates from $420 per night.

The hotel opened almost a year ago this time, and the rates have come down from four digits to $600 per night, which JetSetter is marking down to the $420 price for a Classic room. Take a step up to a Premier Suite for $475 per night, originally much more. These deals are good through August, because September sees a rate jump to $525 for a Classic and $595 for a Premier.

Even if you aren't planning a trip to stay at the fanciest of the newly fancy hotels in Dubai right now, the JetSetter review is worth a read. For instance, we noted a few things to remember for later, like the fact that the hotel has free WiFi and an Armani-designed Indian restaurant called Armani/Amal. Oh yes— and don't forget that the entire hotel is inside the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. So that's a little extra bang for your buck.

JetSetter.com is a private sale site, so if you don't already have the "in" to check out the Armani's listing, here's our direct sign-up to get through.

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