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This Dog Is Living Your Hotel Dream

May 25, 2011 at 1:55 PM | by | Comments (0)

Oscar chillin' at Hotel Rouge in D.C.

Meet Oscar. He's a Golden Retriever from Portland, Oregon, and the canine answer to Paul Carr, the man who lived in hotels for three years.

We're not sure if Oscar is also writing a book about his experiences, but his hotel-bed and treat reactions are all documented in his owners' blog, The Great Kimpton Crawl of 2011. Yep, Oscar's a Kimpton man--mostly because they're one of the most famous and accommodating of the country's Pet-Friendly Hotels.

Here's Oscar in Philly, where he and owners Sara and Marty camped out at the Hotel Palomar Philadelphia. Freakin' cute, huh?

Now, before you ask, this is not a Kimpton-sponsored stunt. As Sara writes in her blog's 'About Our Journey' bio, the three had already decided to set off on their year of travel when it dawned on them that they could theme the trip around Kimptons:

Marty and I agreed we needed to find places where Oscar would be welcome and we would love staying in, "you know, like a Kimpton hotel". The light bulb went off...

Their blog also includes a disclaimer:

This site is in not endorsed by or representative of the views of Kimpton Hotels. It's purely the work of two humans and a dog who love to travel and appreciate good food, drink and design.

However, it's clear that Kimpton has taken notice of their itinerary, as this shot from their stay at Miami's EPIC Hotel reveals...

We have to say, it's pretty darn entertaining to click through the galleries of Oscar greeting doormen and accepting treats at Kimptons across the country. Kimpton and hotel fans in general will also appreciate Sara and Marty's take on each property they've stayed at so far. (They also stay at some non-Kimptons, and review those as well.)

Overall? This blog makes us wish we were a dog.

[Photos: The Great Kimpton Crawl]

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