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What Commencement Guests Got for Their 'Study' at Yale Stay

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May 23, 2011 at 11:32 AM | by | ()

Yale students donned their caps and gowns this past weekend for graduation. To celebrate the Ivy Leaguers, the Study at Yale gave away a graduation present. Unfortunately, it wasn't a new car. But it was still pretty cool: The hotel handed out Moleskine notebooks embossed with the Study logo and with the Yale commencement 2011 insignia.

Moleskine, of course, is the mother of all travel notebooks/journals/etc. It's a favorite for its simple design, durability and infinite uses. All guests who stayed at the New Haven, Connecticut, hotel this past weekend got a big black Moleskine—a big upgrade from the usual hotel pad that falls apart when you use it.

In the past, the hotel has given out books by commencement speakers during graduation weekends. Though it's no surprise that the Study at Yale decided to go with a more fun amenity for the class of '11. The hotel has got the whole geek-chic thing down pat. Its logo is a pair of glasses, plus it offers eyeglass rentals to help you fit in with the Yalie crowd, free WiFi and a library full of arty books.

We just wish that the Moleskines weren't a one-weekend-only giveaway.

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