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Hangin' with Holly Robinson Peete--Marriott's New 'Resident Mom'

June 3, 2011 at 4:03 PM | by | ()

We don’t usually give a ton of thought to hotels doling out ambiguous awards. But when the Residence Inn’s PR folk told us they’d be honoring Holly Robinson Peete with their first annual “Resident Mom” award, we were intrigued.

Sometimes a "feel good" story ain't all that bad, and who doesn’t love Ms. 21 Jump Street? The gorgeous gal in Hanging with Mr. Cooper? And now co-host on CBS’ The Talk? Sure, we'd show up for their 2:15pm press conference (weird time be damned) just to satiate a 20-year girl crush.

Peete was honored by the Residence Inn for her commitment to her family—she’s got four children with husband and former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete--and her charitable works. And though the "Resident Mom" award doesn't come with sash, crown, or nationwide tours, the hotel chain gave a donation to Peete's charity, HollyRod Foundation, which works with those who have Autism and Parkinson's Disease. Adding a big dose of funny after a few minutes discussing the Foundation, Peete focused on her new title and joked about using the award to gain favor in her household. Then she talked about our favorite topic--travel.

Wryly mentioning having “too many kids” and referencing “vodka” several times as a coping method for traveling, Peete also mentioned staying at Residence Inn’s during her husband’s training camp days because she knew she could heat up bottles in the in-room kitchen, and spread the brood out comfortably so no one would get on each other’s nerves. Guess it's true--celebs are like us, cuz even high profile parents know only three things matter when traveling with children: 1) food 2) beds 3) pool. All at once, but not always in the same order.

And we’re totally fine with saying that the Residence Inn has been hip to this concept for some time now, helping weary mom and dad’s experience a vacation, rather than just endure them. They may not get an award for being on cutting edge, but we dig their free, hot breakfasts, pools, suites, and thank you lordy, the free WiFi when the tykes take over the TV.


We were itching to ask Peete if she ever stays at a Residence Inn now, but didn't want to put her on the spot, in front of hotel execs. Instead, we listened and grinned at her tale about her first experience at a Philly Marriott, ordering room service (chicken nuggets) and running down the halls acting a fool. Celebrity hotel geek stories? The girl crush continues.

[Photo: Residence Inn]

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