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Stupid Things Hotel Guests Say is Now a Twitter

May 12, 2011 at 4:47 PM | by | ()

If there's one website with content so hilarious that we're sucked in for hours when it seems like 15 minutes, it's Overheard in New York. Truly, this website of caught, comical conversation is nothing new, but now we've found a tweeter with the same humor who is newish (to us), and who just happens to tweet the absolute worst stuff—we're talking so bad, it's good—said by guests at their Manhattan hotel.

The name is @GuestsFromHELL, and just as with our other favorite hotel tweeter @ConciergeCorner, GuestsFromHELL is an anonymous source inside the hospitality industry, turning the mirror back onto ourselves. The only thing is, we really hope we aren't this dumb:

Maybe the only thing more entertaining than reading these guest requests would be witnessing it firsthand, seeing the concierge's face and hearing their innocuous reply to such outrageous demands.

Anyone care to play "guess the hotel?"

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