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Wine Tasting in Mendoza? We Suggest a Post Vino Bath at the Park Hyatt

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April 7, 2011 at 12:45 PM | by | ()

Spending long days exploring vineyards and tasting wines can be tiring work. We're serious! Especially under the warm sun at the foot of the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina. But, if you choose your hotel wisely when booking a vinocentric trip, you'll have just what you need for a good post-wine wind-down: a bathtub.

This video and the photo below shows our favorite part of the Park Hyatt Mendoza, where we spent the weekend indulging in the Park Hyatt Masters of Food and Wine tour. Not only is the bathroom huge, well-lit and mirrored up the wazoo, it has a fantastic tub and rainfall shower tucked away in a separate stall, which you can turn into your own personal steam room.

You don't even have to worry about the peekaboo aspect, since there is a heavy wooden door closing off the entire bathroom from the bedroom.

After soaking our livers in Malbecs and Torrontes all day, soaking the rest of our body was just the ticket for reviving and getting ready for yet another trip to yet another vineyard for dinner. (One of our fellow guests admitted that she alternated from her tub to the shower and back again, over and over, until the foggy feeling evaporated. We approve.)

The next stops for the Masters of Food and Wine this year are in: Washington (June 2–5); Zurich (September 27-30); and Shanghai (November 22-26).

Packages for Washington start at $535 per person, which includes access to tasting dinners and a free upgrade to a signature Premier Park Deluxe room. (And, yes, it has a soaking tub.)

If you're in Mendoza and missed the Masters, ask your concierge for advice on the best vineyards to visit. Since the region produces over 70 percent of Argentina's wine, you won't be hard pressed finding a good drop or three.

Disclosure: MsRebecca was a guest of the Park Hyatt Masters of Food and Wine, while on assignment for other publications. But all vino and bath opinions expressed here are her own.

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