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The Cosmopolitan's Booking Policy For Its Killer Suites Is Not Very Cosmopolitan

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April 8, 2011 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

Balcony + prettiness = possibly the definition of a killer view

The ultimate room with a view, anyone? Much has been made of the balconies and awesome views on display from the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas since it opened in December (we declared the Terrace Studio we stayed in in January “jaw-dropping”, after all). But much as our collective jaws have dropped every time we’ve set foot in a Cosmo room, or one of the restaurants, or even the pool deck, with its cabanas dangling over the Strip, it wasn’t until we stayed in a Wraparound Terrace Suite that we realized just how, well, sweet the views are.

Whereas the normal rooms have 110 sq ft balconies (and very nice they are too, to be fair), the Wraparounds come with a 480 sq ft terrace wrapping its way (see what they did there?) around the suite. Two sides, one corner. So if, as we did, you nab one looking north, over the Bellagio fountains, this - is what you get.

We’re not even going to attempt to put what the view, seen live, does to you into words. Suffice to say that, as you can run around the edge of the hotel as the Bellagio plays sweet music and the fountains dance and the Eiffel Tower twinkles and you sip the cocktail that you whisked up at your in-room bar, you’ll feel a physical effect that is quite delightful.

Thing is, not all Wraparounds are created equal. They don’t all have this view. This is room 2701 in the West Tower, looking north and east. You can also have a Wraparound looking east and south in this tower. Or, you can be placed in the East Tower, which is the one directly on the Strip. So the prime view would be in the East Tower looking north and east – that way you get an unobstructed view of the Strip and the fountains. Geddit?

Now having said that, here’s the sucky part: you can’t book a specific view on the Cosmo website. And when we called to ask what the deal was, the delightful guy in reservations told us that it’s actually not possible to reserve a north-facing Wraparound. Apparently, the ones with premium views are reserved for the Cosmo’s VIP guests (ie high rollers or celebs) and are therefore unbookable. However – here’s some good news – if they haven’t all been reserved, you can request a room facing north at check in.

We’re in two minds about this one. Obviously it’s awesome that you can score a free premium view (essentially an upgrade) at check in – because we doubt very much that they’ll all be taken, say, if you stay midweek.

But, this is the same issue we have with private clubs in hotels (looking at you, Beacher's Madhouse). Surely everyone should be given the opportunity to stay in whichever room they want, if they want to spend the money. It’s not like this is a one off suite we’re talking about – it’s an entire room category. So far we’ve loved the Cosmo’s premise that the place is for everyone – you can come in, buy a $3.50 slice of pizza and sit in the lounge area playing board games and feel every bit as comfortable as someone paying top dollar to stay in a suite and eat in one of the swanky restaurants. This doesn’t sit well with that. At all.

So what to do? Well, it depends if you’re going for the room or the view, and if you’re a gambling person. If it’s all about the view of the Bellagio fountains, and you want to play it safe, we’d say don’t book the Wraparound – go for the Terrace Suite instead, which runs at around $150 less and is smaller, but guarantees you a north-facing view.

But if it’s the experience as a whole you’re coveting, and you don't mind taking your chances, we’d say book the wraparound, cross your fingers and unleash the charm at check in (this is the option we’ll take when we next go back). The room is nice enough to stand on its own two feet, and while you won’t see the fountains, the south end of the Strip is pretty fine-looking itself. Apparently, if you squint, you can see the Eiffel Tower too.

Try not to let this put you off the hotel, though. Even taking this policy into account, we'd probably still pick the Cosmo over any other hotel, if money were no object: the combo of vibe, rooms and balconies is pretty unbeatable right now, and we saw no sign of the teething issues that plagued the hotel right after opening. In case it helps your decision, here’s what the whole of the Wraparound looks like.

Disclosure: Juliab stayed as a guest of the Cosmopolitan as part of a feature for another publication. But rest assured all opinions are her own.

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wraparound terrace in east tower

Nice view from west tower but the east tower is the bomb. this says it all.

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